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Finding balance

Our story at Fields Brewing Co.

Our story, like our beer, is genuine and uncomplicated.

We're mates who met at University, we had careers in the corporate world, but we kept landing back at our mutual love of beer and always dreamed of giving it a crack. Worst case, if it all failed we figured at least we’d get a promo shirt out of it. So we backed ourselves to have a go at making a beautifully balanced craft beer from Brissy.

We wanted to do it right. We got the best people - Fields’ brewers have won some of the most prestigious awards in international craft brewing. We got the best ingredients - locally malted barley, pure water from the Brissy sky, carefully cultivated yeast and Aussie grown hops. And we chose the name Fields for what it means to us: memories of growing up in wide open spaces and images of our barley fields, sports fields, even fields of dreams (which is what all this is starting to feel like).

Fast forward to today, and we can’t quite believe it. We’re a couple of family-focused Brisbane dads who are really grateful to be in this industry that we’ve loved and respected and wanted to be part of for a long time. We set out to brew a range of beers we really believe in— focussing on great taste, quality, simplicity and above all, balance - and we reckon that’s exactly what we’ve got.

The secret to a great beer (and a great life) is balance and now we really want to share that with everyone. Check out below what others have to say about our brews.